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iPhone Applications

iPhone applications development can be a cumbersome process for any iPhone app development company. This article will guide individuals as well as any iPhone applications development company through the iPhone app development steps it takes to create iPhone applications.

First, an iPhone applications development company needs to get a feel for the apple iPhone applications market. It needs to review the top charts frequently, and make sure their iPhone applications development ideas are in line with what is already successful.

Outsourcing For iPhone App Development

An iPhone app development project does not have to cost too much of anyone's time or money. The whole iPhone applications development process can be outsourced. Here is how:

1. Once you have your iPhone applications idea ready to go, write a brief, fixed-rate job post for an iPhone app development on your favorite outsourcing web site. I recommend or, due to the ease of use and both have a money back guarantee. Be sure to keep your job post basic.
2. To weed out bad developers, ask them this single question: "how long does it take you to integrate a monetization platform like chart boost into iPhone applications?" On average, it takes 15 minutes to integrate such platforms into apple iPhone applications, so delete anyone that says over an hour.
3. Interview the potential candidates and then go from there. I have found a huge amount of success hiring developers from India.

Graphics For Apple iPhone Applications

Once you have the framework of the app finished, you need graphics. You can use for this as well but I recommend 99designs. It is the best outsourcing web site for graphic design. You have 100 designers bid on your project with a custom design made to your liking and you select the winner.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

A whopping 65 percent of your app traffic comes from keywords. Therefore, keyword optimization is crucial. Word of mouth is second. Apple allows you to use a maximum of 100 characters per localization. To maximize the space, be sure to use commas in between words without any spaces.

When finding keywords, look for words that are high in traffic, and low in competition. With ASO, remember to think outside the box. Use synonyms or other ways to say it that people might use and do not hesitate to put keywords into the title as well.

Where can You go to Research Keywords?

A common error that apple iPhone applications publishers make is they only target single word keywords. Targeting long tail keywords can significantly heighten the chance of ranking high because there is far less competition.

A great tool for this is the App Store itself. Start by typing your keyword into the App Store search bar and the most popular searches will appear underneath to give you an idea of what terms to use for your iPhone applications development.

The iPhone Applications Development Loop Hole

An interesting loophole is that in the Spanish localization, any keywords you use in the name and in the keyword section of your iPhone, applications are indexed in the US store. So, any keywords that did not fit in the US localization can be used in the Spanish section.

So, one can leave all of the Spanish keywords for the Mexican-Spanish section in the iTunes Connect portal. This will maximize your keyword output and improve your overall chance of ranking high.

IPhone App Development Title Hack

Also, be sure to include exact match long tail keywords in your apple iPhone applications titles. This will significantly increase your chance of ranking for particular terms because the title holds more weight. Don not forget to localize all of your keywords in different languages to increase your traffic as well.

Marketing Your Apple iPhone Applications

When it comes to marketing the iPhone app development company's app, having a company website does wonders. This can essentially double the concerned iPhone applications development company's traffic by giving it more exposure. Ranking high in Google searches for key terms is imperative for any iPhone app development company.

An iPhone applications development company could use a free tumbler or WordPress site, but this limits the iPhone app development company to using only certain plugins and the company will not be allowed to advertise. These reasons alone are exactly why I recommend that any iPhone app development company get its own self-hosted site.

As is self-evident from the above guideline, anyone looking to have an apple iPhone app developed may need to have his or her supervisory wits about them. There is another option however, and that is getting an iPhone applications development company handle the whole process on their behalf.


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